We are Jenter På Eventyr!

Jenter på Eventyr is a community. We are not only an Instagram-page, not only a blog, and most importantly, we are not only women. All shapes, sizes, and genders are welcome to join us in chasing the adventure. Whether you go full-scale hiking in the mountains or go stand up paddling on a nearby lake, we salute you! As long as there’s room for everyone and time for everything.

Nature can help reduce the boundaries between the genders

In a psychological test, a school class was told that they had to do a math test. There were two tests, but they were the same. The kids were told that the first test was very difficult and that they should prepare themselves that they might fail if they took this test. The other one was easy. When the kids had to pick a test, most of the boys chose the difficult one and most of the girls took the easy one. 

From we are kids we are so afraid of not being good enough that we keep ourselves on the safe side. This affects the way we are approaching tasks for the rest of our lives.  

Girls’ self-image has to be empowered so they get the confidence to climb mountains, explore unknown places and apply for manager jobs. Experiences in nature teach us to think differently. Qualities that we can use in everyday life. At Jenter på Eventyr want to celebrate and inspire girls and women to explore their full potential through outdoor activities.

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