Who we are

‘Jenterne’ is the group of ambassadors who helps create the acitivities, vision and goals for Jenter på Eventyr. The group is a mixed bowl of fruit, with jenter without any outdoor experience, to jenter who has been outdoor their whole life. Some knew each other from before, but most of them has become friends after joining Jenter på Eventyr. 

Most of the girls met for the first time while filming our short film about the community. That warm August sunday was the perfect kickstart for Jenter på Eventyr the community. Since then we’ve worked on new ways to include more interested in Jenter på Eventyr. We meet up once a month for different activities – most of them is new for all of us, but the idea is to try new things and helping each other find our full potential through outdoor activities. 



Presentation of the crew is coming up soon

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