Behind every great idea is a dritkul jente. Meet the squad:

Tine Ewé Jensen


Age: 28 years old
Residence: Copenhagen
Job: Founder of Jenter på Eventyr, Project Manager
Latest adventure: Filming the movie about Jenter på Eventyr with whole the squad in Copenhagen
Best experience while being on an adventure: Can’t choose. Being on any kind of adventure is oil for the soul. But most important for me is to be together with good people whether it is while skiing in deep powder, longboarding along the beach or hiking in beautiful nature. 
Dream destination: Sailing in French Polynesia or Skiing in British Columbia
Favorite outdoor activity: Skiing in deep, deep powder 
Next planned adventure: Snorkeling with Orcas in Andenes Norway and visiting one of the jenter in Greenland


Age: 29 years old
Residence: Copenhagen
Job: Consultant in a Danish IT-company, facilitating user education programs. 
Latest adventure
: I just got back from Georgia, where I spent two weeks hiking in Svaneti and exploring the Caucasus mountains. The vegetation there is luxuriant and highly diversified, it’s quite amazing.
Best experience while being on an adventure:
Last year when I went to Sweden with a dear friend of mine. We had only roughly planned the destination and route – and bought some food for the trip. We went on a Friday afternoon from the city center and then – a few hours later – we were camping on a beach watching the sun set. It was such an easy and simple setup, but just really memorable and it always makes me smile, when I think about it.
Dream destination: My dream destination (at the moment!) is hiking in Patagonia. I met a guy a couple of years ago who was moving there for a year with his wife, and since then it has been on my list – it looks absolutely gorgeous.
Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking and trail running. Being in the mountains takes my breath away – and I like it when the steepness of the trails (literally) does too.
Next planned adventure: Lake Como in Italy for a few days of hiking. I hope to catch the last bit of summer.

Josefine Grunnet
Tanja Brinks Toubro


Age: 30
Residence: Copenhagen – let’s see how long that lasts…
Job: Freelance (music) journalist, podcast host, PA
Latest adventure: I’m trying to get better at ‘close to home’ adventures so I’ve been exploring Copenhagen a bit more than usual this summer – new beaches, walking tracks and stuff like that. But I also suffer from a chronic case of itchy feet – like most of you guys I guess – so I’ve also travelled quite a bit. Including a sort of spontaneous trip to Zanzibar in 2018 where “itchy feet” got a whole new meaning when I came home with worms in my feet. Yes, actual worms. But that’s a whole other story…
Best experience you’ve had on an adventure: Man, that’s a tough one… The first time I was in Australia we camped in the bush, sleeping in swags under the stars. I’ve never seen that many stars before. It was absolutely breathtaking. First time I stood up on a wakeboard was also the best feeling – and something I had never imagined doing.
Dream destination: I’ve visited and lived in Australia already but I’m not done with it yet. It’ll always have a special place in my heart. But there are so many other places on the list – Canada is pretty high up there.
Favorite outdoor activity: I’ve been riding horses since I was five years old and it’s still a go-to for me. But I also love being close to the ocean – not necessarily in or on it. Lying on the grass somewhere looking up at the sky and listening to the waves also does it for me. And skiing! The only time I actually enjoy snow.   
Next planned adventure:
​I’m planning a short trip to Columbia later this year and then I’m heading back Down Under early 2020. Which will hopefully also include my first visit to New Zealand.



Age: 29 summers
Residence: Copenhagen
Job: Marketing nerd
Latest adventure: Round trip in southern England – highly recommended!
Best experience you’ve had on an adventure: I don’t know what the best experience has been, but I love experiencing new things and challenging myself. Leaving the everyday life and visiting a new culture where you can just think ‘wow – this is so cool’ – that’s the best thing I know. One of the greatest experiences has certainly been experiencing the Himalayas. It’s unique.
Dream destination: Argh, there are so many! But the two who highest on my list must be Tahiti to dive and Peru to trek up to the Inca.
Favorite outdoor activity: Play in the water. I love to dive and experience life underwater.
Next adventure: Not planned – and that’s not good!

Erica Atalia Skov Hansen


Age: 25 years old
Residence: Copenhagen
Job: Booking agent in Wonderwhy Music Company and communication assistant at Production company Down The Drain.
Latest adventure: The last major adventure I went on was a morning hike to Glacier Point in Yosemite. It’s not really hard to hike, but it is completely utterly beautiful. If you get up early, you can get some hours alone up there, and only meeting a few other hikers. The view from there is insane. Mountain peaks as far as the eye can see and tree-covered valleys when looking down. Yosemite is really a popular national park for a reason.
Best experience you’ve had on an adventure: Waking up the first day at the Camino (El Camino de Santiago de Compostela). We took a really crucial – and highly recommendable decision- to only walk 5-6 kilometers the day we arrived at Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, where the route starts. That meant we just walked a few miles up the Pyrenees, slept, and then had breakfast at 5 o’clock a few meters above the cloud deck. There were clouds below us as far as the eye could see, and sometimes it looked almost like a river meandering through the mountains. Add a purple shade of the sunrise and you may have the world’s best breakfast view. I just felt so happy at that moment. But after 4 hours of hiking steeply uphill I didn’t feel so happy … The first stage is known to be the toughest on the entire route. But the view from the Pyrenees made it all worth it though.
Dream destination: In fact, I don’t think I have one specific dream destination, but just thoughts about a whole lot of cool places I’d like to go to. It is constantly changing what is at the top list. I would love to go to the Dolomites in Italy. These are some completely wild mountain formations there. And lately, I have also been really excited about some of the beautiful train trips you can go on in Switzerland. The Glacier Express and Golden Pass Line both look pretty amazing.
Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking. I want to say skiing, but unfortunately, it’s been a long time since I’ve been skiing … maybe it should be back on my dream destination list as well. It’s been waaaay too long since last time!
Next adventure: Since I’m reasonably broke at the moment, it’s probably not that realistic to plan some wild,  adventure abroad. But then it is fortunate that there are so many good opportunities here in Denmark. For example, I hope to soon be able to take a few days off the calendar to hike on the North Coast Trail. It is approx. 100 kilometers from Sjællands Odde and over Hundested, until you hit Helsingør. 


Age: 30 years old
Residence: Tromsø, Norway
Job: Lab manager in the Genetics group at the Norwegian School of Fisheries
Latest adventure: Diving trip to Dyrøya. We dived to a wreck from World War II.
Best experience you’ve had on an adventure: My best experiences are actually not the nature experience itself (of course, it is also amazing and cannot be missed), but it is rather my memories of being together with my hiking buddies that I think of. Both fun, bitter and silly experiences. They are the clearest of all.
Dream destination: There are many! Faroe Islands, Eastern Europe and last but not least hiking in Norway all the way from the south to the northern point.
Favorite outdoor activity: It’s just hiking. I love hiking! As a biologist, I also find it very satisfying to spot animals in the wild.
Next adventure: New Years in Florida: snorkeling with manatees. October 2020: Jungle safari and diving trip to Indonesia.


Age: 28 years old
Residence: Copenhagen
Job: Project assistant at EPSI Rating and studying Managemnet of Innovation at Copenhagen Business School. 
Latest adventure: Jungle trekking in the rainforest in Borneo and camping on an island surrounded by monkeys and giant lizards.
Best experience you have had on an adventure: During the jungle trekking in Borneo’s rainforest I was 15 meters from an orangutan and her kid – It was too crazy !! I never thought I could be so affected by seeing an animal, but my heart galloped and I was touched with tears.
Dream destination: To climb Kilimanjaro! I think the view is wildly beautiful and that it is tough both mentally and physically.
Favorite outdoor activity: I really like hiking! But I plan to try SUP next spring – So I might get a new favorite outdoor activity in 2020!
Next adventure: For a long time now, I’ve wanted to visit the Philippines because nature should be absolutely amazing! So the plan was for it to be the next adventure, but a new opportunity has opened up and instead I think my next adventure will be to explore Greenland this summer! Where I will go whale watching and hopefully, if I have the courage, hike the 160km. polar circle.



Age: 23 years young
Residence: Copenhagen
Job: Freelance photographer & substitute teacher
Latest adventure: Girls Are Awesome’s crazy Slay Days 2020 
Best experience while being on an adventure: When I was 19, I traveled throughout 7 countries in South America. There, I came across some of the most stunning nature I have ever experienced. I stayed with local people every night, I hitchhiked a bunch, I sent homemade postcards from the most southern post office in the world (Tierra del Fuego), I climbed mountains, went on 9 hour hiking trips, camped in the desert, visited Salar de Uyuni, saw Matchu Pitchu at sunrise – and the list goes on.
Dream destination: Well, I need more mountains in my life, so anywhere where they are to be found! 
Favorite outdoor activity: Snowboarding, trekking, surfing, skating, swimming
Next planned adventure: Temporarily moving to a place where I can do more snowboarding


Age: 29 years old
Residence: Copenhagen
Job: Event Coordinator at DR Koncerthuset and Backstage Coordinator at Live Nation
Latest adventure: Went winter bathing for the first time, and mountain biking in Almelingen at Bornholm
Best experience while being on an adventure: The first time I went on liveaboard (diving holiday) living on a beautiful boat floating around in the middle of the Indian Ocean around the hundreds of Islands of the Maldives, and diving 3-4 times a day. The best part was the early morning rives where you almost wake up underwater, saying good morning to all the beautiful creatures under the surface. So peaceful and amazing.
Dream destination: Uh, there is so many. Micronesia on a liveaboard is probably on a first place on the list of dream destinations. Hiking and camping around Canada are also way up there.
Favorite outdoor activity: Diving, climbing, and mountain biking.
Next planned adventure: I’m going mountain biking with my girlfriend in Svartbäcksmåla in Sweden. So excited!


Age: 24 years old
Residence: Copenhagen
Job: Creating marketing in the music industry
Latest adventure: Sunday paddleboarding in Copenhagen harbor in the sun. So nice to see Copenhagen from the waterside.
Best experience while being on an adventure: Just feeling free, and it is only yourself that sets the limits for your trip. If you really want to, you can push yourself much more than you expected – and it is in those moments you really feel happy and fearless.
Dream destination: Iceland, to explore the beautiful nature and see the Northern Lights.
Favorite outdoor activity: Surfing! Just go with the flow in the water all day in the sun.
Next planned adventure: Road trip in a van this summer, just going with the flow, with surf- and paddleboards on top of the car.

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