Mom/Daughter hike: Connecting through nature

Mom/Daughter hike: Connecting through nature

Our first summer adventure take-over was by our follower @Kriskom also part of @Skatemammas (Check them out!). Kristina took us along on her mother/daughter hike to Møn.

“Marie and I are ready for the 3-day mother and daughter hike. After a year of ‘efterskole’ we need to connect and find each other once again. And the best way to do this is by outdoors and activities. Marie was on her first hike on Møn when she was 3 months old – now she is 16. And the outdoor life follows her and me. Are we going to hike a long-distance? No. Are we going to have fun? Totally! We hiked from Stege to Klintholm Harbor. We found a fantastic backyard, where we have got and shed to sleep in and from there we got on a trip to Store Klint from the waterside, emptied eel rusks, and caught the world’s smallest cod.”

How do you pack for a hike like this? 

For a trip like this (three days), we pack almost the same as for several weeks. We have a packing list for clothes that are always the same, and then it’s only the food that is extra weight. The package list can be seen here: WHAT TO PACK

The weight in our bags is max. 12 kg. It was a bit lighter on this trip because we didn’t bring a tent with us.


“We camped at a campsite at Møns Klint, which we booked via “Naturstyrelsen” and Marie prepared a fire after we have removed six ticks (!!!!). We found lots of fossils, swam in the ocean and just enjoyed finding each other again. Finding stones is something we have done since the children were very young and they both have fine collections from all over the world – the best thing, however, is from Møns Klint. “

How did you prepare for this trip?

We prepare by finding out how many days we want to hike, and then we find out where to sleep – maybe we want to revisit a place. I also check on Google and in various forums on Facebook to find inspiration. 

We booked a shelter at NATURSTYRELSEN, but would otherwise have just slept in a tent if the shelters had been busy. There are plenty of sleeping places on Møn – fx just on the beach. The first night we slept in a backyard that I found on “brugminbaggave” on Facebook. I often use it for weekend trips, and it’s a great place to meet new people.

I did not bring a map, but if we had decided to hike the whole ‘Camøno’ I would have bought the map at Friluftsland or in Stege at Møns Museum. But on shorter weekend trips in Denmark, it is just fun to follow your intuition and occasionally supplement with Google Maps. It’s nice to “lose” the grip sometimes and allow yourself to be lost for a while and not having planned where you want to sleep etc. 


What is the best part of being on an adventure with your mom / your daughter?

Marie: The best thing about being on an adventure with my mom is the oatmeal in the morning and that we have lots and lots and lots of time to just go and talk and laugh at the little things.

Kristina: The best thing as a mother is being in nature with your child regardless of age. The joy of seeing that what you love has been inherited, that the “learning by doing” hours of patience was well spent. Marie can do it all by herself now and can pass on her skills. I can relax and drink coffee while she makes the fire and runs away from me up the hill where it uses to be me who had to lure her up the hills with baby gas (CANDY!). I am so lucky to have so many hours in a twosome with my teenager who is heading into adulthood. There is nothing better.

Thanks to Kristina and Marie for sharing their summer adventure with us. We will continue to do summer takeovers for the rest of the summer. Follow on Jenterpåeventyr.

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