20 kilometers hiking routes – Sjælland

20 kilometers hiking routes – Sjælland

Easter is always a great time for outdoor adventures whether it’s cross country skiing in sunny weather or a long hiking trip in the crisp spring air. We used the days off to explore different 20 kilometers hiking routes, only one hour away from Copenhagen. We tried two different routes: One around a lake and another along the Northern coast. Here’s a guide to the two hikes:

Nordkystruten - Hundested to Tisvildeleje
Furesøen rundt

Furesøen – 21,9 kilometers

We parked the car at Holte Roklub and hiked left, just next to the lake. The first 5 kilometers is a mix between trail and streets in between the big houses, but always with the lake in sight. Around 8-10 kilometers you’ll reach Furesøparken and the old castle: Næsseslottet built, in 1783 by the grocer Frédéric de Coninck.  

The trail is easy to follow, we didn’t use any map during our hike. As long as you can see the lake at your right, you are on the right track. Around Frederiksdal you’ll cross Mølleåen – a 30 kilometers lake going from Hettings Mose to Øresund. I can also really recommend Mølleåen for a SUP trip. Between Frederiksdal and Furesøbadet the trail gets more hilly and some of the trail is going just next to the lake. Actually so close that my friend almost fell into the lake at one point. 

The hike between Frederiksdal and Furesøbadet is my favorite part because you hike in the forest while having a beautiful view of the lake. Here’s where we enjoyed our lunch too. There are also bonfire places and I know a couple of friends who have stayed overnight in this area, but I’m actually not sure if it’s allowed. 

We crossed Furesøbadet and Mølleåen once again and started hiking uphill. This part of the hike is also in between small villages but the area is very beautiful and elevated so you’ll get a panoramic view of the lake. We came across a swing bench where we could relax our sore legs and prepare ourselves for the last 5 kilometers. 

The hike ended at Holte Roklub and the sun started shining for the first time that day. 

Nordkystruten – Hundested to Tisvildeleje

Nordkystruten goes from Hundested to Helsingør. It’s actually a bike route, but it’s a perfect hiking route, with the ocean just next to you and a changing landscape. The route is 64 kilometers in total but it is possible to hike parts of it. Last year we hiked 20 kilometers from Gilleleje to Ålsgårde, with a sleepover at Nakkehoved Fyr, also a really pretty hike.

This time we started at Hundested and hiked to Tisvildeleje. We hiked the first couple of kilometers on the road but reached the trail just next to the ocean around Knud Rasmussens House. From here it’s mostly on the road in between the summerhouses which is a bit a shame because you can’t see the ocean. Most of this hike is on the road and not a trail, so that’s why I would recommend starting the hike from Kikhavn or even Liseleje instead and the hike to Gilleleje. 

The hike and the scenery change around Liseleje where you reach Melby Overdrev. One of the biggest fields in Sjælland and a spectacular place to visit. It used to be a military area for over 100 years but now it is a protected area. 

After Melby  Overdrev you’ll enter Tisvilde Hegn. A… I would almost say a magical forest filled with rare plants, insects, and butterflies. The trees are crooked and there are traces of an old castle ruin, a missing village, and many other exciting cultural traces. We ate lunch in the forest where we found a spot in the sun. 

We reached Tisvilde and the beautiful beach perfect for an “after hike swim”. We had our car parked here and drow back to Hundested for our other car. 


Trail just next to the ocean
Tisvilde Hegn
Melby Overdrev

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