Kölig – a new Danish board sports brand

Kölig – a new Danish board sports brand

There’s so much happening in the outdoor business right now and we love to see new brands blooming. Especially when there are some cool girls behind the concepts. But that’s not the only reason why we are stoked about Kölig. The new board sports brand is a fresh new initiative to the outdoor business, made by board-lovers with a focus on making your board look lit for the season while being able to last longer.

We’ve talked to the founder Amalie about the brand and her love for the outdoor.

Photo: Kölig
Photo: Kölig

1. What is KÖLIG?

KÖLIG is a Danish board sports brand created with love in Copenhagen. KÖLIG brings colors and vibrant prints to the world of board sports by designing stylish and unique sheets that give outdated or boring boards a new life. KÖLIG has three mottos that enclose our values:

We noticed that boards lacked a simple and aesthetic look – a look that made us excited to get outside and give it our best. We were tired of boring and outdated boards, but we did not want to buy new ones – therefore we reface instead of replacing them.

It is of great value to apply a KÖLIG sheet, as it provides a unique opportunity to get to know your board. A good board knowledge makes one more competent to anticipate potential problems that can occur but also competent to find solutions when shit happens on the mountain, in the water, or on the pavement.

Not only does a KÖLIG sheet give your board a facelift and board knowledge – but it also protects against wear and tear. KÖLIG’s sheet is a slim 3-layer vinyl that gives your board lightweight protection against unnecessary wear and tear. If the application guide is followed carefully, a KÖLIG sheet can extend the life of your board.

You can buy your sheet on our website www.kolig.dk.

Photo: Kölig
Photo: Kölig

2. Who are you and what made you start making sheets for boards?

The face behind KÖLIG is me – Amalie Sofie Nielsen. I came up with the idea when I wanted to learn to snowboard and was looking for a board, but the ones I found were expensive and not particularly neat. The designs were either with skulls, snakes, flowers, or ​cringe ​colors and patterns. I also noticed that it was the same for kite- and wakeboarding as well as longboarding. So when I came home from vacation I started to develop the first prototype for a product that could redesign any board in a simple way. Today – a year later – all my boards are wrapped with KÖLIG and I am on a mission to become a recognized boardsport brand in Denmark!

3. You have named your brand “KÖLIG”, what is the idea behind the name?

I knew that I wanted something Danish in the name and that the name should resonate with the product. So I started to brainstorm words that contained the Danish letters Æ, Ø, Å and went through each boardsport looking for elements associated with the sport. I can only recall the two ones I ended up choosing between; FØG and KØLIGT. I chose KØLIGT due to the double meaning: Cold and cool.​​I deleted the t and ended up replacing the Ø with Ö because of looks and voila – a brand name was created!💚🧠🛹

Regarding the logo I wanted some water, some pavement and some snow or a mountain to associate wake-, long- and snowboard – so the first draft looked like this:

First draft of the logo
The result

The dots were supposed to be road surface marking – I know – it does not really look like it 🙂 So I dropped that idea and focused on the mountain and the water and got my sister in law who is an art director to draw it. It’s all about the network 🙂

I am in love with the brand identity I have created! And it actually only took me two hours to come up with the name and logo.

Photo: Kölig
Photo: Kölig

What does board sport mean to you?

I wanted to learn snowboarding when I founded KÖLIG, but at that time I was kitesurfing and kitesurfing gave me a 50/50 distribution of enjoyment and fear of death 🙂 It’s windy, wet, and wild!
Board sport is the perfect combination of action and adrenaline when using the power of nature to have fun. It allows me to be 100 percent present, enjoy the moment, and put everything else on standby for a while.

Since then, KÖLIG has given me the opportunity to learn long-, wake- and snowboarding and introduced me to new communities and friendships. So I would say adding a board into my leisure activities has added a social and playful element where I get into flow more easily.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

I enjoy most outdoor activities. But if I should try to narrow it down and put boardsport aside – then I love randonee skiing, trail running, and SUP. I enjoy the combination of physical activity and camping either in a tent or hut2hut.

Photo: Kölig
Photo: Kölig

What does the outdoor mean to you?

I just love being outside where the clock and worries don’t count. Breathing the fresh air, getting dirty, feeling my pulse and exploring new areas, and looking for hidden pearls with a thermos and snack bag. I connect with the outdoors in two ways – as a place to relax and cope and as a place to test my physical and mental limits.

Do you have any advice for others who might want to begin a board sport but don’t know how to get started?

Tip 1) Figure out which boardsport that appeals to you – are you into water, snow, or pavement?

Tip 2) Research and join communities around that boardsport for instance in Copenhagen there is GRLS Untamed (longboard), Kite Ladies CPH (kitesurfing), and Allerede Is (ski- and snowboarding), just to mention a few. Each community has people who love helping with tips and tricks.

Tip 3) Put destructive thoughts aside. All beginners look like idiots! Even the pro ones looked like idiots at some point. Practice makes perfect – and the only way to practice is to show up. On that note:

Tip 4) Listen to pro freestyle skier Lynsey Dyer’s podcast Showing UP. Through talks with interesting people in the adventure sports space Lynsey encourages and motivates to participate in the outdoors by showing up and learning more and more each time you are out.

Tip 5) You can always sign up for some courses to help you get started, contact a kite school or go to the closest wakeboarding park and you can get professional help to get started. Otherwise, YouTube is a great place to learn the basics of any board sport so that you feel a bit more comfortable joining any community or club out there!

Photo: Kölig

Kölig just launched their webpage so check it out and give your board a new makeover. 


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