Jenter på Eventyr: A short film by Emma Ishøy

Jenter på Eventyr: A short film by Emma Ishøy

It all started one warm summer day in August  2019. Talented Emma Ishøy was making a short film about Jenter på Eventyr and we wanted to gather as many girls as we could for the shooting. I didn’t have a big group of friends who I knew were adventurous so I invited all different kinds of friends who I knew wanted to help out. Only a few knew each other so I was a bit nervous to see if we could create that sisterhood-vibe that I wanted to be the DNA of Jenter på Eventyr. We started with a cup of coffee while getting the SUP boards ready, and when the first board hit the water, new friendships started blooming. 

We filmed the whole day. First on the water, then longboarding at Amager Fælled and finishing with a bonfire, chats, and “Snobrød”. It is now 2,5 years ago and I sometimes forget that all of us haven’t known each other for many years. On that warm August day, the community was born. 

Everything I experienced while filming was all I dreamed of with Jenter på Eventyr. I saw so much love, sisterhood, and trust between the girls and I thought if this could be a feeling we could create with Jenter på Eventyr, maybe we could make more girls feel welcome in the outdoor culture. 


Hungover sunset

We filmed three days; One day in bright sunshine, a really rainy day in the forest and a magical evening around the bonfire at Amager Naturcenter. Especially the filming day at the bonfire has a special place in my heart. It was a Sunday evening, most of us were hungover and we were all telling funny stories from the parties day before. One of the girls made “Snobrød” dough, some of us lighted the bonfire and Emma filmed us. This day was especially exciting because we had convinced one of the girls to play a song for the film. Jersie is a talented singer and songwriter. She doesn’t perform that often which made this evening even more memorable. While Jersie’s beautiful voice made all our hungover pass away and filled our minds with peace, the sky turned pink. A perfect ending on the making of the film.


The film

I wanted to make a short film that could visualize my ideas of what I thought Jenter på Eventyr could be. The result was better than I could’ve imagined. We got to start the community around Jenter på Eventyr as a brand and an amazing 7 minutes short film that shows friendship, support, sisterhood, and warmth. The film won the “Jury Special Mention” award at Nordic Adventure Film Festival in 2019. 

Watch the film here or on our Instagram:

Thanks to Emma & Jersie ♥️

Thanks to all jenterne who participated & thanks to Nordic Adventure Film Festival for the award and for letting us screen the film. 

You can read more about why I started Jenter på Eventyr back in March 2018 here. 

Written by Tine, founder of Jenter på Eventyr 🌻

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