HejCamp – Outdoor accommodations

HejCamp – Outdoor accommodations

HejCamp offers you alternative outdoor accommodations for your next micro-adventure. Behind the concept is Maja Overgård. Maja lives in Klimøller (also known as Cold Hawaii) in the northern part of Denmark where she is surrounded by beautiful wild nature. She started the project during the lockdown (Covid-19) in 2020, with the purpose of making sleeping outside more accessible to everyone.

For many, sleeping outside can be a big deal. You might not have the right equipment or maybe you just think it can be a bit challenging to figure out how to do the whole “overnight adventure”. That is the foundation of Hej Camp. Staying outside should be easy and accessible for everyone who wants to be outside. The adventure is for everyone. It’s about getting the adventure into the everyday.

Wake up in the nature!

The concept is simple. Reminds me of Airbnb where locals can offer different outdoor accommodations. Book your stay via HejCamp and they will provide you with all the necessary information.

You can book everything from shelters where you have to bring your own stuff, to luxurious glamping tents. The prices varies, but are fair compared to the experience you’ll get.

On their webpage they write:

Hejcamps mission is to get more people out in the nature. It gives you new energy and is a perfect break from the everyday, and if we have to take care of the nature, we have to know it

Nature – a free space and a playground

We’ve asked Maja about her own experience with the outdoor.

What is it that nature does for you?

“To be in nature makes me happy and gives me energy. It does so because for me nature is both a playground and a free space. A playground with waves to surf in, hills to mountain bike on, and fun nights under the stars with friends. But it is also a free space where I empty my head for ‘noise’ while walking alone in the woods. It sounds like a cliché, but when I’m in nature, it’s very important to me to be in the present. No Instagram, no news, no input from the ‘outside’ world. Here’s where I empty my head from bad thoughts and refuels with good energy and new ideas.”

What is the best thing about sleeping outdoor?

“The combination of adventure and coziness!

The adventure of getting to a new place to stay for the night, exploring nature around, cooking dinner over a campfire, and staring into the fire all night long while having fun with your partner or the friends you are on an adventure with.

And then it’s the coolest feeling, to wake up in nature. It is so cozy to lie in your sleeping bag with a view of the forest and listen to the birds while quietly waking up.

Have you ever woken up in yurt?

…Or maybe you want to try to stay in a cave for the night? If you use less than 5 minutes on HejCamp’s webpage you’ll find so much inspiration for your next adventure. You can combine a surf trip at Hvide Sande with a stay in a Kyrgyz yurt or maybe stay in a see-through glamping tent in the middle of the forest in the northern part of Jutland. Here’s a list of five stays that Maja recommends:

#1. Yurt – By Ringkøbing Fjord (West Jutland)

Beginner-friendly: 5/5 good facilities such as toilet, shower, kitchen, soft beds – bring your own duvets/sleeping bag)

#2. Tipi with wood stove – Between Skanderborg, Silkeborg (East Jutland)

Beginner-friendly: 3/5 (toilet and shower, but bring your own sleeping pad and sleeping bag and food must be made on the stove or over a fire)

#3. Transparent glamping tent – Near Aalborg (North Jutland) 

Beginner-friendly: 5/5 (toilet, kitchen, soft mattresses, and duvets)

#4. Shelters in Helsinge / Gribskov / Hillerød (North Sealand)

Beginner-friendly: 3/5 (toilet, shower, etc., but bring your own sleeping pad and sleeping bag + cook over a fire)


#5. Tipi on Lolland (South Denmark)

Beginner-friendly: 3/5 (toilet, running water, but bring your own sleeping pad and food must be made over a fire)


Go to our Instagram and find our competition to win a stay in one of the five places (Starting 4th March – ending 7th March)

And check out HejCamp and book your next stay. Aaaand always hashtag #jenterpåeventyr so we can share your adventures with others.

You can also read our blog about shelters and campsites here. 

📸All pictures are from HejCamp’s webpage. 

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