Rethinking how we do adventures with Den Grønne Rejse 

Rethinking how we do adventures with Den Grønne Rejse 

We love to travel and explore. Finding new ways to experience and engage with nature is one of our core passions. We believe that experiencing nature through various fun and challenging activities makes us grow as humans and strengthens our connection to the planet and to one another. And what a great time it is to be alive! The world is at our feet and the ways to explore it are uncountable. And the more you do it, the more fun and addictive it gets. Going on adventures leaves the heart hungry for more. 

Surfing the perfect barrel wave, skiing off piste in champagne powder, rock climbing in Yosemite, diving with manta rays, hiking up Machu Picchu just to name a few – the bucket list is long! And even though many of us have been fortunate enough to experience some of the greatest places on earth and have storages full of outdoor gear, we’re always hungry for more. It’s fair to say that we’re a bunch of Jenter who have been seriously hidden by the travel bug. 

But something is out of balance and mother nature is getting suffocated. In 2020 it’s finally become a fact that we, humans, are destroying the planet. And thus many of us have become aware citizens and consumers; we shop second hand, minimize plastic waste, eat less meat, drop the car at home and try to leave no trace. But how do we deal with our ever growing curiosity and travel cravings? For many of us this is by far the most difficult challenge of the necessary green transition. 

Eating plant burges doesn’t make up for unsustainable travel habits. It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and rethink how we travel and explore. It’s something we as jenter take very seriously, and because of that we have teamed up with the danish travel agency: Den Grønne Rejse (trans. “The Green Journey”). 

There is a greener way

Den Grønne Rejse is a new travel agency started by Christian Ernstved-Rasmussen, a long time travel industry professional, who saw the urgent need for finding new, sustainable ways to travel and explore. Christian believes that two main aspects of the travel industry need to change: how we travel to a destination, which is often by flights, and how we spend our money when we arrive at the destination. Last mentioned is a question of supporting the local businesses, who play a vital role for the local community and who make an effort to run their business in sustainable and green ways. Den Grønne Rejse uses experts and certificate validation of their partners in order to be able to give their customers this alternative to large chains and cheaply run hotels. 

When it comes to the burning question of transportation, Den Grønne Rejse minimizes flying in two ways; alternative transportation and offering experiences closer to home.

We still don’t have a train that takes us over the Atlantic, but we do have trains that can take us across Europe. And this is what Den Grønne Rejse offers. In 24 hours you can reach the beaches in Croatia or the Austrian Alps! And yes, it’s more time than you might spend on flying. But imagine not having to stress through the airport, pay extra to bring your skies, and dealing with airport transfers. Instead you can relax to the changing landscape outside your window, bury yourself in a book or spend quality time with loved ones or connecting with other travellers. 

Time is an interesting concept of traveling and Den Grønne Rejse’s logo pictures an hourglass running out. We don’t have much time to change our habits if we want a brighter future and our time right now is precious. It’s worth asking ourselves how we spend our time. Maybe quality and relaxing traveltime is worth more than getting to the destination a few hours faster?  

Another alternative to flying is simply to stay closer to home. Sounds boring? Then look again. Especially when it comes to getting your outdoor fix there’s plenty of opportunities close to where we live. This year we at Jenter På Eventyr have embraced our ‘staycation’ corona situation through hiking, SUP boarding, sailing, glamping and even making our own outdoor festival! And this is why we truly fell in love with Den Grønne Rejse – like us they aim to take staycation to the next level. They have experts in the local areas and offers outdoor trips to Langeland, where you learn nature survival from scratch, they offer luxury family glamping and green surf trips to western Jutland! And isn’t it crazy to think about that probably more danes have surfed in Portugal or Bali, than on the Danish west coast, where we have excellent surf conditions!?  

Join the green Jente adventures 

Discovering what’s right around the corner and building communities based on great nature experiences is a passion we share with Den Grønne Rejse. That’s why they are the perfect partner to help us step the jente adventures a notch up. 

As jenter we believe that compassionate and feminine communities are a force for a better planet and a brighter future. Therefore we have a strong wish to introduce more women to outdoor activities, through which we build strong relationships to each other and the world around us. And in the light of this, we’re currently working on doing jente adventures with Den Grønne Rejse, where more women can join and find community. The first adventure will happen later on this summer and we can’t wait to tell you more very soon!  

Until then we urge ourselves and every nature lover out there to keep finding new ways to travel and explore, that are sustainable for our travel hearts and the planet.  

If you want to join us on our first Jenter på Eventyr x Den Grønne Rejse collab – sign up here:

Written by Maja-Cæcilie Friis Glavind
Photos: Sonia Ziegler, Cat Koppel, Tine Ewé Jensen, Nikoline Skaarup

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