Staycation: Private shelter in Gedser

Staycation: Private shelter in Gedser

Jenternes Staycation guide will share some of our favorites places and activities for a staycation (or vacation when the borders open again) in Denmark. We’ll update the guide continuously. 

Shelter in Gedser with panoramic roof

We got the recommended to visit this shelter by one of the other jenter and after I saw her photos from her visit I instantly booked the place for a night in June. The shelter is part of an old timbered house in Gedser. The owners, Jonas and Marte, a Danish/Norwegian couple from Vesterbro, brought the house as a summerhouse, almost three years ago. The area is not a known summerhouse area, but they got lots of space and the ocean is only a 10-minute walk away. 

During the last three years, they’ve turned the space into a perfect outdoor getaway space with a home-build wooden cabin and a shelter with a panoramic roof for stargazing. They even build a small outdoor toilet where you can ‘do ya thang’ while enjoying the view of the wheat fields.

Rainbows and bonfire

Gedser is located at the most southern part of Denmark. Actually the most southern part of the northern countries. The spot is marked with a big rock that is believed to be over 1 billion years old. The nature is pretty flat so it can be windy but you have the ocean on both sides and beautiful fields as long as the eye can see. 

We went on a small walk to the ocean for an evening dip. It was a 10-minute walk from the shelter. The beach is a bit rocky and not great if you want to lay down for a day on the beach, but it is perfect for a quick, fresh dip. We walked along the wheat fields while the sun went down. 

There’s a grill for the bonfire so you can cook dinner over fire and there’s wood in the shelter. Actually the shelter is designed so brilliantly with a special room for woodpiles in the back. 

We made a fire and cooked dinner. We brought our Trangia, but next time we’ll just cook everything over the fire. This reminds me that I want to buy a pot that can be used for bonfire cooking. Anyways. We cooked dinner, had to eat in the shelter because of a bit of rain, but it was worth it because then this happened:

Stargazing & sunrise 

After watching the rainbow turned more and more colorful the sun came out again and we sat by the fire, drinking red wine and watching the sunset. 

The shelter is located just next to the train tracks and we were wondering if we should expect a train passing by, but we later found out that the train line has been down. So don’t worry, you won’t sit at the toilet while a train filled with a bunch of German tourists drives by. 

After the sun had set a big, orange moon came out and lightened the sky completely. The moon was huge! Wish we had brought a better camera so we could show you guys, but all we got were these photos (but just think of a really really big orange moon):

We went to bed. The shelter has two mattresses, so all we brought was our sleeping bags. From the shelter, we could watch the stars through the rooftop windows. 

I woke up at 5 am and saw the sunrise through the clouds. We cooked breakfast on the fire and went for a small walk around the area.

Private shelter for a bit of luxury

There are many shelters in Denmark that are free to book or only cost 20 DKK, but booking a private shelter makes the experience a bit more luxurious. There is even access to water and power outlet. So if you want a bit of “glambing” for some fair price this is the place for you. You can book the shelter at Airbnb and it cost 200 DKK per night. 

We are sure that this will be our new favorite get-away spot and we can’t wait to come back for another visit. 

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