Jenter talk – Sarah Green’s top three

Jenter talk – Sarah Green’s top three

The spring of 2020 should’ve been the time where we hosted some of our first events. But with a pandemic going on we had to think a bit differently to find a way to keep connecting with our Jenter på Eventyr community. So on Tuesday the 12th of May 2020, we did our very first live talk on Instagram.

Sarah Green has been a big inspiration for us for a while with her beautiful pictures and inspirational adventures. Sarahinthegreen is a travel blog created out of her love for photography, nature, and traveling.

The idea of the live talk is to connect with other nature-lovers and be inspired to go on new adventures. During the interview, some of you asked for Sarah’s top three adventures, so here it is:

Sarahinthegreen top three Denmark & The world


  1. Møns Klint. Probably the closest we get to having a mountain in Denmark. It’s beautiful and you feel so tiny under the massive cliff.
  2. Rubjerg Knude. Denmark’s version of a desert with an old, ghost-like lighthouse in the middle of it all.
  3. Helligdomsklipperne (sanctuary rocks). Bornholm’s (a Danish island south of Sweden in the Baltic Sea) northern coastline is filled with cliffs but these are the most beautiful ones.

The world

  1. The Dolomites, Northern Italy. In my opinion, this area offers some of the most beautiful hikes in Europe. The mountains are very dramatic and almost cartoon-like steep with countless turquoise lakes.
  2. Illulissat, Greenland. Massive icebergs will pass outside your window and you hear the sled dogs barking wherever you go in the city. There is nothing like being transported over the ice by the power of these majestic dogs.
  3. Yellowstone is one of the most surreal places I have visited. Geysers, boiling mud holes and lakes in the most vibrant orange, yellow and turquoise. Some say that unlucky tourists have fallen in the acidic water and dissolved completely.

Check out Sarah on her Instagram (@Sarahinthegreen) or her blog

All photos are shot by Sarah Green. 

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