5 amazing shelters and campsites (Denmark)

5 amazing shelters and campsites (Denmark)

The world is in lockdown, but luckily here in Denmark, we are still allowed to go outside. This has made the interest for outdoor living, and especially shelters and campsites, bigger than ever and many families and friends are searching out in nature for some change from the cramped lockdown life.

But many Danes (especially for big-city residents), outdoor activities are completely new and it can be difficult to figure out, how, when and what to do if you want to go on an adventure. If you are thinking “I don’t want to read this looooong guide, just scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find a map where I have plugged in all the locations. If you want to hear a bit more about the different places, continue reading.

Nakkehoved Fyr campsite

We have already made a survival guide for micro-adventures (1-2 days trip), which might help for an outdoor beginner. But one thing I missed when I was planning my Easter-lockdown-getaway, was a simple overview of places to camp or sleep in a shelter in Sjælland (Zealand).

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to camp where ever we want (as you can do in fx Sweden and Norway). So when planning an adventure you need to research a bit on where you can camp. If you want to sleep in a shelter, then it’s important to remember that there are many shelters that you need to book before going there. You can book the shelter here www.booking.naturstyrelsen.dk

Udinaturen.dk map over shelter, campsites, bonfires etc.

You can find a fine map (see picture) of all shelters, campsites, different facilities and activities on udinaturen.dk, but I thought that the page was a bit messy. It is the users who can post pictures of the campsites, and I thought it was difficult to get the right impression of how the area actually looks like.

The ocean as an alarm clock

I wanted to sleep in a shelter or at a campsite with the ocean just next to me, so I could wake up and see the sunset on the horizon. I tried to search for good ocean spots at the map in udinaturen.dk but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Instead, I started to ask around and I got so many great suggestions. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 shelters and campsite that I think is worth a visit.

#1 Nakkehoved Fyr – Campsite 5 meters from the ocean

This is not a shelter but a campsite where you can put up a tent or make a “bivouac”. It is only 5-7 minutes away from the parking lot at Nakkehoved Fyr. There are around 4-5 small campsites along the trail, with a small area for a fire and Øresund as your view. We made a bivouac so we could watch the ocean all the time. We went for a swim, made a fire – there is plenty of wood from the forest that you can use to make a fire. No need to bring wood if you want to save space in your bag.

How to find it: Park at Nakkedhoved Fyr parking lot. And find the trail that leads to Østre Fyr. The campsite is around 5 minutes further down the road. It is free to park.

Bivouac and sunset at Nakkehoved Fyr

#2 “Havhytten by Hvide Klint” – Shelter on the water

This is (maybe) the first floating shelter in Denmark. It is located in Roskilde Fjord, outside of Frederiksværk. To get there you’ll need to go with kayak or SUP. You can book the shelter through Friluftsguiden.dk  you just need to create and, account and then you are good to go. It is a really special experience to wake up in the shelter, go for a swim and then have your morning coffee on the water.

How to find it: It is the big, floating shelter outside of Hvide Klint, you can’t miss it.

Photo: Visitnordsjælland

#3 Røsnæs Fyr Shelter – Shelter with ocean view

This was the kind of shelter I was looking for. A small 2 persons (maybe 3 if you squeeze together) shelter, with a panoramic view of Samsø Bælt. It is located on the furthest tip of Røsnæs right next to the lighthouse in a pretty open area, so be aware if it’s windy, especially if the wind comes from the west. It is a small shelter, some say that it’s not big enough for sleeping, but it’s manageable if you are not looking for loooots for space. You don’t have to book this shelter.

How to find it: The shelter is right beneath the Lighthouse at Røsnæs. It’s around 16 kilometers from Kalundborg and a pretty route if you want to hike or bring your bike.

Photo: Claus Sørensen sn.dk

#4 Naturcenter Amager – Campsite in Copenhagen

It is hard to believe that you actually can find some wilderness right in the middle of Copenhagen (or maybe not right in the middle but in Copenhagen). Only a couple of kilometers away from Ørestad metro station you’ll Naturcenter Amager. A great outdoor area with many different nature experiences like bonfire, shelters, hikes, horseback riding, etc. And only 2 kilometers further down the road, you’ll find some beautiful campsites and shelters in the forest.

Most of the shelters are pretty big and have room for 20-25 people, properly for school classes and so. But there is some beautiful campsite where you can put up a tent or a bivouac. You can buy wood at Naturcenteret or find some in the forest.

How to find it: Take the main road (Granatvej) from Naturcenter Amager for approximately 2 kilometers and then turn left on the 2nd. road (Lærkestien) in the forest. Just a few meters in you’ll find a small campsite where there are a table and a bonfire.

Campsite at Amager Naturcenter

#5 Shelter, Lynghøjsøerne Øst – Shelter by the Gravel pit lake

The last place I want to share with you is this shelter by Lynghøjsøerne near Roskilde. The shelter has space for 5-6 people, a bonfire and is located up the hill with a view over the lake. The two lakes are old gravel pits, so the water is crystal clear and ice-cold if you need to cool down.

How to get there: The shelter is located just between the two lakes, Lyngagersø and Flængsø and is easy to access from the main road.

Photo: Camilla Mollerup

Stay warm – cuddle more

Even though the weather is sunny and the air is getting warmer, we still have some chilly evenings and nights. Remember to bring warm clothes and a good sleeping bag. We have made a list of things to remember for spending the night outside when it’s cold.

I hope this guide gave some inspiration for your next adventure. Write to us or comment below if you want to add anything. A guide for Fyn and Jylland is coming up soon, so please send suggestions for us.

Enjoy the adventure!


By Tine Ewé Jensen


Map of the locations:

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