Jenter på Iceland: A guide to the amazing island

Jenter på Iceland: A guide to the amazing island

By Erica Atalia Skov Hansen

Iceland is clearly one of the most amazing places I ever have been to. It’s a small country, so you can reach a lot in a short amount of time, but you can never expect the weather to be with you. We were two jenter traveling together, but it is a destination for everyone. Friends, lovers, couples, families with and without children can easily travel around the island. Iceland is for everyone who loves nature.

Iceland is incredibly beautiful, which resulted in many (picture) stops! I’ve collected the things we saw at the bottom of the post and added a few extra things if you were to have some extra time. If you have other things to see, please share them with us.

Four days in Iceland

We had four full days in Iceland, one of which was used indoors because there was a cyclone which put a hold to our adventure. At the moment, of course, it was a shame and sucked, but at the same time, we got that experience with us and can laugh at it today. Who can write trapped by a cyclone in Iceland, on their travel resume, not many – but now we can.

We had rented a car, which I can only recommend others to do. It’s a pretty easy way to get around. It also meant that we could easily stop or change our plans because it was only us who decided. 

Unless you’re planning to remain in Reykjavik, driving is your best option for exploring Iceland. In addition to major rental companies like Hertz and Budget, you should consider Green Motion (this European rental agency specializes in eco-friendly vehicles) or Blue Carrentel — a great option for saving money while still seeing all of the vast islands.

Places to stay

We had rented a cabin in Vík, which is approximately 2 hours south of Reykjavik and located in the middle of the southern coastline (see map). I can only recommend renting a cabin in two different places so you can experience a bit more of the island. We had two nights in the cabin at Vík, where after we had two nights in another cabin, located northwest of Reykjavik (see map).

What to see in Iceland

Day 1: Reykjavik

Our first day was spent in Reykjavik. Reykjavík (translated to “Smokey Bay”) is the northernmost capital of the world, comprising a population so minute that it hardly amounts to a city.

What to do in Reykjavik:
Visit Hallgrimskirkja Church
Explore the City by Foot
Visit the Harpa Concert Hall/Old Harbour and just look at the beautiful view
Visit Reykjavík Art Museum


Day 2 – Cyclon and Black Sand Beach

We were trapped inside most of the day. But we still ended up visiting some pretty great spots

Reynisfjara Beach – Black Sand Beach
One of the most beautiful black sand beaches is located in Iceland, and it is called ‘Reynisfjara’ in Icelandic. It almost looks like a different planet. Visiting the beach you have to be careful of the tidal waves, but be sure to check out the cave on the beach that was carved out by the ocean waves.

Rangarping eystra waterfall

Dag 3 – The Golden Circle:

Day 3 was spent at Golden Circle. Probably the most known route in Iceland. Having a car was really nice. Especially because it was so cold and because we had so few days to see things. 

The Golden Circle
The Golden Circle gives you the opportunity to see some of Iceland’s most iconic sites: the sulfurous hot springs of Geysir; the glacier-fed waterfall, Gullfoss; and the volcanic Kerid crater, which is filled with electric blue water
(note: best seen in summer).

We saw the following on day # 3:
– Geysir
– Gullfoss
– Kerid Crater 
– Secret Lagoon 

Day 4 Thingvellir National Park and The Blue Lagoon

We went to the Thingvellir National Park, a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. We went on a hike and just enjoyed the amazing nature. Definitely a place I would come back to and explore more.

In the afternoon we went to the Blue Lagoon. A very tourist spot but worth the visit, I would say. 

Believe it or not, The Blue Lagoon is a man-made lagoon. It is one of the world’s most amazing pools. Very Instagrammable spot, but remember to spend some time without your phone. We, of course, had to take some pictures, so we had a 15-minute photo shoot and then locked up our phones for the rest of the stay. 

While it looks blue, the water is actually white. If you pour it into a transparent cup, it will have a milky white color. The sun simply makes it look blue!

3 tips for the blue lagoon

  1. You don’t need to bring your own towel. 
  2. Before getting into the pool, wet your hair with the shower water and then lather on a coating of conditioner. 
  3. Your ticket includes a free drink (You don’t want to miss out on a free drink!

Day 5 – before leaving for the airport

We took a long walk in the lava landscape on our way to the airport.

I can recommend ALL of the above. And then you just have to drive around the landscape. It is so beautiful!! Snowy mountains, green landscapes, red lava plains, and beautiful lakes.

Next time I would love to visit Jökulsárlón, Svinafellsjokull glacier and Diamond Beach. AND, most importantly see the Northern Light.  

Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask questions or write a comment below.

– Erica 


Click on the picture and find our map for places we recommend in Iceland.

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