Jentebossen’s report: Guide to adventures during the lockdown

Jentebossen’s report: Guide to adventures during the lockdown

I don’t know about just guys, but I’m 13 days in the lockdown and I’m getting mad. Being an outdoor person it is horrible being trapped inside, but because of the situation, this is unfortunately necessary. But if you are not on quarantine I would recommend that you use this time to find your own small adventures. 

Being in nature will increase your quality of life 

A Danish study has shown that nature influences you in a positive direction in relation to well-being, health, and quality of life. In these times you can easily feel depressed and alone. But if you can, go out – explore the nearest forest, beach, mountain and use some time there to breathe and find your inner peace through nature. 

I’ve already been making a list of adventures I can do, while keeping the social distance. This is definitely a time to go on micro-adventures and explore some of your local areas to get some fresh air to get through the quarantine. This guide might just be most interesting to you who lives in a city with limited access to nature but feel free to use it for any course you want. Here’s a list of activities you can do with the lucky people who are locked down with you or yourself if you need some fresh air and a new boost of energy.

Do an orienteering race

I don’t know about other places, but in Denmark, all the forests are filled with small routes that are marked with different posts likes these:

It’s a fun way to be outside while practicing navigation. You can either chose to run or just do the race as a small hike. We did a race in Raadvad in the northern part of Sjælland, where we hiked around 3,5 kilometers in the forest. We took a break where we had lunch and enjoyed some “Real Turmat”

If you want to try out this kind of adventures, a Danish webpage call have made an easy edition of an orienteering race. Through the webpage, you can find the different routes and for each post you find, you’ll get a letter. You type in the letter on the webpage and then you are competing against other participants on who’s found most posts. 

The water is the safest place right now

Social distance? Just get on the SUP board and paddle away from any crowds. The weather is getting warmer and especially here in Copenhagen we’ve had some perfect SUP days during this lockdown (of course the weather is nice now that so many are in quarantine). If you don’t have your own board, then I’m sure someone in your network knows someone who does. I have explored some of the lakes north of Copenhagen, to escape a bit from the big city crowds. So if you have an inflatable board then just get out there and find some new beautiful spots. Share your adventures with us on #jenterpaaeventyr

You can also go for a swim in the cold spring water. We went winter bathing around a month ago for our monthly Jente-day. This was the first time I tried it and it was really scary but I felt amazing afterward. I’ve said for a couple of weeks now that I want to do it again, so I believe now must be the right time. 

Shelter and bonfire

Easter is coming up and my travel plans have been postponed so instead I’m planning an adventure in Denmark. I haven’t been exploring that many places in Denmark (mostly the areas around Copenhagen), so this is a great opportunity to see what Denmark has to offer. We are packing up the car with boards (SUP & Longboards) and are driving out to find the adventure a bit further away from Copenhagen that we are used to. We are aiming to try out different ways of accommodations, starting by exploring the shelters. Most places you need to prebook the shelters in Denmark. You can find all the information and maps over shelters here: Naturstyrelsen

I’m trying to stay positive and use this time to plan new adventures but I have some days where I’m just being tired of haven’t to stay isolated all day. I’m very curious to hear what you guys do to stay positive and to stay active. DM us on Instagram or write a comment on this post if you have ideas for how to be outdoor while keeping a social distance. 

Find new inspiration

I know that you are using almost all day in front of the computer but if you have some screen-time left, use it to be inspired. There are so many awesome blogs out there ready to inspire you for your next adventure. I have recently bumped into a lot of awesome female outdoor bloggers, fx. the Danish Photographer and travel blogger Sarah Green that focuses on the nordic adventures. Or the Norwegian sisters, tursøstre who among many cool things, slept outside once a week for a year. Check them out and be inspired!

I normally check out different hashtags to find inspiration. My favorites are: 
and of course….

I hope this guide could give you some inspiration in this weird time and let’s hope we all can go on adventures together again soon. Stay safe and keep the distance for now. 

– Tine

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