Jentedag #1 – Bouldering

Jentedag #1 – Bouldering

By Tine Ewé Jensen

When planning the movie about Jenter på Eventyr,  I wanted to gather some of the coolest women I know to be part of the project. Only a few knew each other from before so on the first day of filming, I was a bit nervous that the girls would be shy. Sometimes when girls and women are together we tend to become competitive and hostile to each other – because that’s what we’ve always learned. And I was afraid that this also would happen on this day. But only a few minutes into the day something almost magical happened. The girls laughed, cheered when someone did something good and supported each other. This experience was the kickstart of our newest initiative ‘Jenterne’.

Jenterne – the ambassadors

Jenterne is our ambassadors that help build the brand of Jenter på Eventyr through their engagement. It’s not about how many Instagram followers you have or how many days you go on an adventure. It’s about wanting to be part of something special, part of a community of change-makers. As a jente you are a part of the movement that gives girls and women better terms in the outdoor business.

Jentedag – a day to explore your potential

As a part of being ambassador, jenterne meet up once a month for an activity. The purpose of the day is to strengthen the community and the solidarity between the girls but also to test some limits. Many of jenterne have never tried the activity before and we want to create a space where they feel safe to try out new things. 

On a cold day in January, we meet up for 2020’s first Jentedag. Many of the girls have mentioned that they wanted to try our bouldering, so we visited Cphboulders for an evening in the hights. We were 10 girls, and only one had tried it before so we were pretty nervous to enter the gym filled with strong muscular men and women who were climbing all over the walls. 

I don’t know with you guys but I’m always so nervous to enter places I never visit before. “What if I’m wearing the wrong clothes?” “What if I’m doing it wrong” etc. So entering the place in a group of really cool women was the best thing ever. 

And when we started climbing people were so nice to come and help us with good routes and tricks on how to do it the best way. Marina, one of jenterne got through a difficult route with some tips and tricks from two guys who were nice to help her. Being together in a group of girls also made it easier to try things without being nervous about making a fool out of yourself. Jenterne were supportive and were cheering on each other for each new step that we’re taking during the event. It was truly a good day. 

We finished the day with a short introduction to all the activities that we are planning for this year with Jenter på Eventyr and a discussion on what other activities we wanted to do for our monthly events. The next event is Winter swimming – personally one of my biggest fears! 

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