Jentebossens report: To new adventures

Jentebossens report: To new adventures

A year has passed. Actually a decade has past and we are now looking into 2020 with hope, motivation and big ambitions for Jenter på Eventyr. One and a half year has passed since we first got the idea for our community. 2019 has been a very special year for us. Jenter på Eventyr the movie saw the light of day and our ambassadors, Jenterne, officially became a part of the community.

Photo: Emma Kristine Sylvest Ishøy Photo: Emma Kristine Sylvest Ishøy[/caption]

All the adventures and one injury

Besides these pretty big steps for our community, we have also had time to explore the world through all kinds of activities. We’ve been to Georgia, Austria, Malaysia, France, and Greenland just to mention a few. But nothing beats our micro-adventures in Scandinavia, where we get to explore our very own backyards over and over again.

I had to take a break from all sport after I tore my ACL while skiing in April. This has been the first serious injury I ever have had. It has made the process a bit tough to get through. In July I had my surgery which meant staying home all summer. Even though I won’t be able to ski this season, I’m thankful for the way my body is recovering and I believe that I will get back to the sport stronger than ever for the 20/21 season.

Jenter på Eventyr – the movie

On a warm Sunday in August, 12 girls met each other for the first time. They were gathered because we were filming a short film about Jenter på Eventyr, where they should SUP, Skate and hang for a whole day. Only a few of the girls had met before and most of them had never tried to SUP or skate before. After a very short time, it seemed like the girls had known each other for years. It was magical to experience this kind of sisterhood happening in front of me – and so quickly! I experienced the magic of female empowerment on that day and it gave me such hope for what Jenter på Eventyr can become and do for women all over the world.

The day ended at Amager Fælled where we had dinner (Real Turmat – sponsored by Spejdersport) and talked until sunset. We had two more days of filming – one day in typical Danish autumn weather, and one beautiful evening around the bonfire, with music from Jersie.

The film premiered at Nordic Adventure Film Festival on the 22nd of November. It was a completely sold-out screening, where we shared the screentime with three other amazing outdoor films.

And to top the event off we also won the jury’s “Special Mention” prize at the Nordic Adventure Film Festival award show. I’m still not sure I understand that we actually won. I can’t say thanks enough, because this film had never been a reality if I haven’t had the incredibly talented Emma Kristine Sylvest Ishøy, who was the boss jente behind the lens. The award is all hers!

2020 plans

Because we had such an amazing year in 2019 we are of course more motivated than ever to take on 2020. The board of Jenter på Eventyr has already been brainstorming on what we as a community want to do in 2020 and we can reveal some of the things we are looking into:

Film screening and networking event in Scandinavia
Together with different partners, we are inviting you to an evening of jente meet-up, with film screenings, music, and networking. The plan is to host the event in four different cities across Scandinavia during 2020.

Surf, ski, and bouldering as focus
In 2020 Jenter På Eventyr will focus on three sports that will be the focus in most of our activities and plans.

Floating interviews
At Jenter på Eventyr we want to inspire girls and women to push their limits and we want to show that it is alright to make mistakes. You’ll never know if it’s something for you if you don’t try.
Through different interviews, we are inviting outdoor women, business ladies, and average jenter to tell their stories while Stand Up Paddling. We want to break down the barriers and inspire all of you to push yourself to try new things, whether it’s a new sport, a new job or something else.

Jenter på Eventyr Ambassador – join the community
As a new initiative from Jenter på Eventyr, we are launching our ambassador program, where YOU can apply to become an ambassador for us. We already have 17 ambassadors or “jenter” as we call them, who are the foundation of the community. It’s not about how many Instagram followers you have or how many days you go on an adventure. It’s about wanting to be part of something special, part of a community of change-makers. You can read more about how to apply as an ambassador on our webpage very soon.

Happy New Year

To end this little report I just want to thank all of you supporters who share your adventures with #jenterpaaeventyr. You are Jenter på Eventyr and we can’t wait to share more adventures with all of you.

I also have to make the BIGGEST shout out to Jenterne who keeps inspiring me every day.

To more adventures – Happy New Year!
– Tine, Jenteboss

Photo: Emma Kristine Sylvest Ishøy
Photo: Emma Kristine Sylvest Ishøy

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