Guide: How to survive a micro adventure

Guide: How to survive a micro adventure

For me going on adventure meant traveling to far out places, hiking on trails in the mountain, sleeping by a dramatic waterfall with the wildlife just outside your tent. But since I don’t have all the time and money in the world, I’ve decided that I didn’t want to miss out on the adventure. So I’ve started to explore micro-adventures. And I want to take you all with me.

But before we get started, let’s get some things right. Fx What is a micro-adventure?

“The term was made common by British adventurer and author Alastair Humphreys and is defined as an overnight outdoor adventure that is “small and achievable, for normal people with real lives” (wikipedia)”.

A micro adventure is also affordable. Mostly because there’s little travel cost included and you don’t need all kinds of gear to go on these adventures.

What to bring?

But what can you bring on these adventures? Of cause it depends on what kind of adventure you are going on. But if it’s a small hike with a sleepover in a shelter, here’s my suggestion for what to pack:

  1. Sleeping bag – there are many different versions of sleeping bags, but when the trip isn’t longer you don’t need to think of lightweight and so on.
  2. Sleeping mat – same as the sleeping bag, many different kinds. I would just recommend bringing a self-inflating mat, so you don’t have to bring extra stuff.
  3. Baselayer – with a warm base layer underneath your clothes you’ll keep yourself nice and warm.
  4. Beanie – Keeping your head warm, keeps the rest of the body warm.
  5. Warm socks 
  6. Flashlight (or a smartphone)
  7. Powerbank
  8. A bottle for water
  9. Toilet paper

And all the extra stuff that is nice to have but not need to have:
– Pillow
– A down jacket (good to sleep in if you are cold)
– Speaker for some sweet tunes
– A good book for the late night

Remember always to leave no trace when staying in nature. Bring a bag for all your garbage, and pick up some extra if you find some on your adventure.

Everyone can go on adventure you just need to choose the adventure that fits you. A micro adventure is a great way to get started. Put on your sneaks, find the nearest area with shelters and try to stay for one night. I always experience that after each adventure I learn something new about what I need to bring.

Good micro adventure – share it with the rest of us on #jenterpaaeventyr

– Tine

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