A Jente’s narrativ #1: Pressure and empowering women

A Jente’s narrativ #1: Pressure and empowering women

Why is it necessary to create an all-girls outdoor community? Or some could ask, is it necessary to create an all-girls outdoor community? If you ask me, the answer is yes. Why? Here’s my narrative:

I often experience that I feel the pressure to perform more when I’m on adventures with guys. And this might not even be because they have high expectation of me. But somehow it’s my own feeling of wanting to show them that I am just as good as them even though they haven’t said anything to contradict this. So why do I feel pressured? Why do I talked down my own skills just to make sure that I haven’t sold myself as being too good, so if I’m not, no one can say “But you said you were good at this?”.

I feel most pressure when I’m the only female on the adventure. Most of my life I’ve been the only girl on the slopes which meant that I tried so hard to fit in with ‘the boys’, because I didn’t want to any focus on myself and especially not on the fact that I’m a girl. And these thoughts are stupid. Mostly because all the guys I’ve been skiing with, haven’t put any thought to my sex. So this pressure and these thoughts all come from inside myself. Of cause, it’s a norm in the society that makes me have these thoughts, but then it’s just another reason for me to do something about it, and break the norm. This is why I want to share this with you all.


And that is actually one of the reasons I started Jenter på Eventyr. I wanted to create the community I’ve been searching for all these years. A safe place, where I could take a kicker, fall down, lose my skis, do a somersault and get back on my feet while laughing and then try again.

An all-girl community can allow us to try things out without having to perform and measure ourselves, as is often the case when the opposite sex is present. When you are part of a community, there is room to fail and rise again with support from other women. I think more girls and women seek these communities, especially in a time like now where there is a huge women’s liberation.

Likewise, there is also a tendency that when the men participate in adventure, we let them take over when it comes to the male work tasks, such as lighting fires, chopping firewood, etc. And therefore I think this is even more important that we as women go out on adventures and give ourselves room to do these things. Because of course, we can do it. We are all just part of a development that means that we will automatically divide ourselves into “men” and “women” when we are on adventure together.

And this can be changed. How? I don’t know but writing this blog, putting words into my thoughts and thinking more about this, can be a start.

I’m Remarkable – a tribute to the badass women

The other day I participated in Googles’ initiative I’m Remarkable, co-hosted by Girls Are Awesome (!!!). The concept is to highlight to the participants the importance of self-promotion in their careers and provide them with the tools to start developing this skill. Because if someone is bad at self-promotion it’s us, girls. We are afraid of selling us selves too high because we’ve always been told that we aren’t good enough. And we have always had to fight for our rights to be treated equally alongside men. But our other big problem is that as bad we are at saying that we are good at things ourselves, we are even worse than telling other women that they are awesome. As the feminist writer Chimamanda Adichie so perfectly put it:

“We raise girls to each other as competitors. Not for jobs or for accomplishments. Which I think can be a good thing. But for the attention of men”

We should be better at supporting other females and cheering on them instead of feeling threatened. And for me, this is the foundation of Jenter på Eventyr. I want to salute and support all the badass outdoor females that climb mountains, ski, hikes, skate, and surf while having a 9-5 job, raising a family, being a good friend and being awesome in so many other ways. You are all an inspiration and I feel like I can do anything with you all on my side.


To all the badass ladies out there: HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. 


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